Want glossy locks?


Hair feeling a little dull, dry and drab? Our busy lifestyles can definitely take a toll on our locks, but the way you brush your hair might be having an impact too!

Brushing with the correct technique and the correct products is so important for the health of your hair, as brushing gently massages the scalp, promoting the production of natural oils. These oils are what make your hair soft, smooth and oh-so-shiny. 

You might have noticed that we use boar bristles on three of our paddle brush designs – boar bristles have been used for centuries for the amazing benefits they provide to your hair! Aside from helping to distribute those natural oils from roots to ends they have some other benefits that we absolutely adore.

One of the most amazing qualities of boar bristles is that they don’t damage your hair while you brush. That means no tearing, tugging, breakage or split ends. The natural bristles gently massage your scalp as you brush which increases blood flow, encouraging hair growth and longer, thicker hair with more elasticity and less frizz. Boar bristles also pick up dirt and dust from your hair as you brush. Now, we’re not saying that you’ll be able to say goodbye to dry shampoo forever but we won’t say no to adding extra days between blow waves!

Brushing daily with a high-quality brush, along with a clean healthy diet and lifestyle, will ensure that your hair will stay looking its absolute best. We may be a little biased, but we think adding a Beauty Dust Boar Bristle Brush to your daily beauty routine will help create the glossy shine you’ve been missing! Shop our range of beautiful brushes online now.

Nicole Kelly